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§  Mini Asian meatballs stuff with cilantro, lemongrass, beef pork baked in BBQ sauce

§  Thai chicken satay sticks served with spicy cilantro dip

§  Kababobs (Beef, chicken, pork, salmon, veggie) several marinades to choose from (Greek, lemon herb, teriyaki, jerk, BBQ sauce)

§  Chicken wings assorted flavours (Teriyaki, hot, lemon pepper, honey garlic)

§  Pulled pork sliders with apple saw on the side (Can do beef or chicken too)

§  Baked sun-dried tomato garlic brie with crostini chips

§  Japanese Gyoza with ginger soy dip

§  Filo bundles – cranberry orange or feta and cream cheese

§  Mini Asian spring rolls served with choice of two sauces

§  Filo triangles –  with choice of spinach, 3 kinds of mushrooms and Feta, spicy beef, Chicken or Curry

§  Deep-fried zucchini sticks with Parmesan Cheese (cream ranch and horseradish dip)

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